Spring 2022 Nail Trends & Manicure Ideas

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Spring 2022 Nail Trends & Manicure Ideas

In search of Spring inspired nail art and manicure ideas? Check out these chic nail trends for Spring 2022. Discover the neutral, soft ombré manicure that goes with everything to vibrant off-centre colour (the newest take on the negative space manicure), plus more! Get ready to nail these looks at home with our recommended nail products.

Delicate Daisies

If you’re a minimalist at heart, delicate daisy manicures are the pared-back way to wear nail art this Spring. This effortless manicure requires no more than two colours, plus you add tiny gems for subtle sparkle, as seen on Matilda Djerf.

Nail the look:

  1. Nails.INC White Out Nail Polish, £11 (a true white)
  2. OPI Nail Lacquer – Bare My Soul, £11.44 (a barely-there nude for the perfect base)
  3. 3INA Makeup The Nail Polish – 154, £6.76 (offers highly-pigmented colour)

Soft Ombré

If you love an understated manicure, ombré nails in peach, nude and pink are a fail-safe way to look pristine and polished this Spring. Best of all, the neutral palette won’t clash with your wardrobe.

Nail the look:

  1. OPI Nail Lacquer – Dulce De Leche, £11.44 (a creamy nude)
  2. OPI Nail Lacquer – It’s In The Cloud, £11.44 (a creamy white)
  3. OPI Infinite Shine – Kyoto Pearl, £12.76 (a shimmery white satin)

Soft Neon

Now is the time to reintroduce colour into your wardrobe for Spring, even if it is just your manicure. Combine soft neon colours in complementary shades for your next set of ombré nails or graphic nail art.

Nail the look:

  1. Nails.INC Life Hack Nail Polish, £11 (creamy formulation for full coverage)
  2. Nails.INC Kiss My Peach Duo, £12.55 (a dream combo)
  3. Barry M Nail Paint Gift Set – It’s Electric, £18 (ideal for your nail art needs)

Off-Centre Colour

If you love negative space nail art or designs that make use of the natural state of your nails, why not try wearing off-centre colour for spring? Whether you choose a matte or glossy top coat, the result will look fresh and modern.

Nail the look:

  1. Essie Nail Care Matte About You Nail Polish Top Coat, £8.99 (transforms any high gloss nail colour into a matte finish)
  2. 3INA Makeup The Nail Polish – 175, £6.76 (offers highly-pigmented colour)
  3. 3INA Makeup The Nail Polish – 170, £6.76 (offers highly-pigmented colour)

Hot Pinks & Fiery Reds

When you feel like you need some colour therapy, vibrant reds and hot pinks are the go-to colours for manicures this Spring. When you’re feeling bold, don’t hesitate to combine them all.

Nail the look:

  1. Nails.INC Paddington Peace Out Quick Drying Nail Polish, £8 (a tomato red)
  2. Nails.INC Womanger NailPure Nail Polish, £15 (a citrus orange)
  3. Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Nail Polish – Pampered in Pink, £8.99 (a dreamy hot pink)



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