12 Nail Trends Set To Dominate Autumn 2022

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12 Nail Trends Set To Dominate Autumn 2022

The nail trends set to dominate autumn 2022 are more pared-back and luxe than their summer predecessors. This fall, high-shine gloss on nails and decorated French tips are the preferred hand accessories. We’ve uncovered the hottest nail designs and colours to wear for the season ahead. From glazed doughnut nails to bejewelled manicures to the neutral shades to be seen in, we guarantee these autumn-inspired nails will make your to-do list!

Trend #1: Glazed Doughnut Nails

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Glazed Donut Manicure

Glazed doughnut nails are undoubtedly the undisputed winners of the “nail trend of the year” award. This versatile manicure has a lot to offer. Firstly, it goes with every outfit and transcends the seasons with its blend of milky-nude and slightly pearlescent finish. Zola Ganzorigt, the manicurist behind Hailey Beiber’s internet-breaking glazed doughnut manicures, recommends; OPI’s Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer followed by a clear top coat, and OPI’s Tin Man chrome powder for the ultimate ”glaze”.

Trend #2: Gradient Neutrals

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Gradient Neutral Manicure
Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Gradient Neutral Nails | Alison @ nailsbyalsn

A gorgeous gradient manicure is an easy and subtle way to reintroduce autumnal colours into your wardrobe. We adore these gradient nails in neutral tones. To re-create the look at home, try Nails.INC’s Keep It Tonal Nail Polish set. Perfect for all your fall outfit needs.

Trend #3: Classic Red Tips

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Red French Tips

This autumn, everyone will be asking for deep-coloured Frenchies. If you prefer timeless elegance, opt for classic red French tips. This chic, autumn-inspired manicure will work equally well for your workwear as it will for your date night dress. For the perfect true red, try Mylee’s French Cancan Gel Polish.

Trend #4: Moody Blues

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Moody Blue Nails

Take a walk on the dark side this autumn with the moodiest blues you can find. Think navy, indigo, midnight blue or iridescent blue-black. Autumn is the best season to enjoy moody blue tones. Mylee’s Moonlight Shadow Gel Polish is a rich navy colour that’s a great alternative to black and looks sensible enough for the office.

Trend #5: Bordeaux Nails

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Bordeaux Nails
Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Bordeaux Nails | Harriet Westmoreland @harrietwestmoreland

Bordeaux nails, otherwise known as wine-red nails, are leading the way to deeper hues this autumn. Get the look at home with Essie’s Enamel in Bordeaux. It provides flawless coverage with a gorgeous high gloss finish.

Trend #6: Glazed Tips

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Glazed French Tips

There’s no doubt that glazed French tips will steal the crown off of this summer’s undisputed top nail trend. They’re just as dreamy as glazed doughnut nails only, more subtle. Fortunately for us DIY manicurists, Essie has brought out their Iced Out Filter top coat so we can recreate the look at home.

Trend #7: Bejewelled Nails

Autumn Nails Trends 2022: Bejewelled Nails
Autumn Nails Trends 2022: Bejewelled Nails | Zola Ganzorigt @nailsbyzola

The bejewelled nail trend gives us a good excuse to indulge our flamboyant side this season. Crystals on clear polished nails are the most popular take on the trend right now, but keeping things tonal—by matching your gems with your nail colour—looks just as chic.

Trend #8: Chocolate Brown Nails

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Chocolate Brown Nails

Minimalists will be pleased to know that chocolate is the new nude this fall. The beauty of chocolate brown is that it’s a warm, cosy shade that’s flattering on any skin tone. You can give this simple manicure an edge with a matte topcoat or coloured accents. Canni’s Soak Off UV Nail Gel Polish in the shade 171 is the perfect chocolate brown to see you through autumn/winter.

Trend #9: Chrome Tips

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Chrome Tips
Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Chrome Tips | Betina Goldstein @betina_goldstein

A minimalist’s dream. Chrome tips combine two popular nail trends: chrome nail polish and traditional French manicures. The look is the perfect combination of modern and timeless. Chrome tips look equally pared-back when paired with a glossy or matte base and will go with anything.

Trend #10: Foil Nails

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Foil Nails

Foil nails are the latest nail trend you need to know about before your salon appointment. Foil nails with a mirror-like shine are a go-to for stylish women seeking an ultra-modern manicure look. Mix things up with some foil tips for a subtle finish, or go all out with solid colour.

Trend #11: Nude Ombre Nails

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Nude Ombre Nails
Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Nude Ombre Nails | The Daily Nail @thedailynailofficial

When it comes to a goes-with-anything manicure, nude ombre nails would be it. The look is pared-back yet polished and is impossible to get wrong since it complements your skin tone. Ask your manicurist to switch things up with a creamy beige or brown nude base.

Trend #12: Champagne Nails

Autumn Nail Trends 2022: Champagne Nails

The most sought-after nail trend for brides this year is Champagne nails. But when the occasion calls for glamour, you can incorporate these elements into your evening looks too. We love the combination of champagne nails with chrome French tips for an edgier take on this glamorous look.

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