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Hotly Tipped: Trending French Manicure Ideas To Try in 2021

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Hotly Tipped: Trending French Manicure Ideas To Try in 2021

Micro French tips, Half Moon nails, the Double French and Reverse French manicures are among the most popular nail trends in 2021. These trending designs are a modern take on the traditional French manicure with sleek new lines and hints of colour. They’re stylish, subtle and will complement anything in your wardrobe. We’ve rounded up the best nail looks for Spring/Summer 2021. Take them to your next nail appointment or try them at home.

Micro French Manicure

Micro French Tips are the sophisticated way to wear nail art. For 2021, micro French tips adorn a short nail length with a rounded square shape. If you’re working with very short nails, your French tips need to be super-fine to keep the look elegant and sophisticated. The Micro French works with any colour as the thin tips create a subtle statement.

Reverse French Manicure

The Reverse French manicure is high on our list of ways to wear colour this season. You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to pull off this look. The trick is to use French Manicure Tip Guides upside down. Apply your colours over a sheer nude base for a chic yet playful look.

Double French Manicure

If embracing colour is your thing, you can go a step further with the Double French manicure. Since you now know the hack to achieve the perfect lines, have fun exploring all colours of the rainbow. We’ve selected our favourite pigmented polishes that look good in a single stroke. Candy Coat’s Gloss Palette boasts an expansive colour range with everything you need to replicate this look.

Half Moon Manicure

The Half Moon manicure showcases the lower part of your nail, otherwise known as the half-moon. If you want your manicure to look ultra-modern and fresh, combine a milky white or nude base with pastel or neon colour on your half-moons. Or, go a step further and create a negative space design by leaving them bare.

The Tools

If you want to try these minimalist nail trends, first make sure your nails and cuticles are in tip-top condition. Here are the essentials you’ll need to recreate these looks.

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