6 Gorgeous Summer Makeup Looks And Trends To Try Now!

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6 Gorgeous Summer Makeup Looks And Trends To Try Now!

Be warned: our latest beauty roundup contains this summer’s hottest makeup looks and trends! Curious about how to get dewy skin, the perfect glossy lids, or ways to wear this season’s ‘it’ colours? We’ve compiled the best makeup products to pull off summer 2021’s best makeup trends.

Bare Skin

Best Summery Makeup Looks: Fresh, Dewy, & (almost) Bare Skin is In

This Summer’s bare skin trend is the none makeup-y way to wear makeup. Sheer coverage foundations, skin tints and BB Creams work best for this look as it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty without looking like you’ve put in too much effort.

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Glossy Lids

Best Summery Makeup Looks: Summer 2021’s Glossy Eyes Incorporates Colour

For Summer 2021, the glossy eyes trend is made more wearable for daytime by incorporating softer colour and shine (think less wet-looking). We’re big fans of using all-over colour and shine-enhancing products as they tend to have buildable coverage diversifying their use.

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Brushed Up Brows

Best Summer Makeup Looks: Brushed Up Brows – Embrace Density & Texture

After considerably less plucking in 2020, you’re probably more than equipped for the brushed-up brows trend. For 2021, brushed-up brows encompass feathered brows with a little more density and texture. Brow products with a natural payoff will be the easiest to use to achieve this look; think subtle hair-like strokes or tinted brow gels that create the illusion of thickness.

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Orange for Eyes & Lips

Best Summery Makeup Looks: Reach for Orange Hues for Eyes and Lips

Monochromatic makeup using orange hues is big for summer 2021. It’s easy to see why since the colour orange gives a healthy, flushed look to the skin. Peach, Coral, Neon Orange, & Burnt orange are all along the orange spectrum, so you can always find a hue that flatters your skin tone. Whether used on eyes, lips, cheeks or all three, you’re bound to end up with a radiant finish.

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Minimal & Classic

Best Summery Makeup Looks: Less is More for the Minimal Look

The minimal makeup trend includes something for the face, eyes and lips, but the overall finish should look fresh and not heavy or cakey. To nail this look, less is more, so forgo false lashes or use natural-looking ones instead. For lips, opt for everyday shades of red or pink. You can always switch to a more statement shade for the right occasion.

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A Wash of Colour

Best Summery Makeup Looks: A Wash of Colour for Eyes

Cute summer makeup doesn’t get simpler than a vibrant wash of colour to brighten your peepers. For this look, embrace pastel hues in pink, peach, yellow, purple and blue. Better yet, you can even play up textures using gloss, matte or shimmer eye shadows. When combining textures, stick to a tonal palette to pull off this trend.

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