5 Summer Haircuts That Will Stay Relevant Next Season!

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5 Summer Haircuts That Will Stay Relevant Next Season!

This summer’s most popular haircuts range from classic to retro to modern, but they all have one thing in common: they’re effortless, versatile, and low-maintenance. So if you’re wondering which summer haircuts will stay relevant next season, we compiled the top five styles—including your Instagram-worthy favourites—from the Bardot fringe to the airy bob to one-length cuts, plus more!

The Bardot Fringe

The Bardot Fringe, also known as Bardot Bangs, will certainly go the distance for Autumn/Winter 2022. Inspired by French actress Brigitte Bardot, this super-femme haircut has a subtle shape that softly frames the cheekbones while adding volume to the hair. You’ll love it because it doesn’t require a lot of layers or excessive heat styling for maintenance. Plus, the Bardot fringe gives long hair a shape that can work in any parting.

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Short Layers

Summer Haircuts That Will Stay Relevant For A/W 2022: Short Layers, Kaia Gerber
Short Layers: Kaia Gerber | Instagram @kaiagerber

The low-maintenance appeal of Kaia Gerber’s short layered haircut helped it rise to the top of this summer’s most-wanted list. This fashionable haircut features face-framing layers (think a longer curtain bang) and shorter layers throughout the hair to add body. You’ll love the short layered haircut because you get to carry less weight while still retaining length and body for added versatility.

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The Airy Bob

Want volume, shape and low-maintenance styling? Look no further than the airy bob. Expert layering and shaping techniques give this short summer haircut its lightweight, voluminous, and airy appearance. You’ll love it because it looks great with any parting or freshly tousled for that effortless look.

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Medium, One-Length Cuts

Summer Haircuts That Will Stay Relevant For A/W 2022: Medium, One-Length Cuts, Emmanuelle Koffi
Medium, One-Length Cuts: Emmanuelle Koffi | Instagram @emmanuellek_

It’s easy to see why medium, one-length haircuts are trending hard for summer 2022. They’re low-maintenance, not too long or too short, and you can still put your hair up. You’ll love it if you want to give hair a fuller look. Plus, no matter what your natural hair texture is, this haircut can make things a bit more manageable.

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The 90’s Bob

The 90’s Bob | The Hair Bros, New York

The 90’s Bob is a rebellious yet chic statement haircut. It draws attention to the lips, elongates the neck, and creates movement in hair that appears to have none. You’ll love it because it works on almost all textures, requires minimal to no styling, and looks effortlessly gorgeous left natural.

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